There are no moisture or mold problems in the Passive House (Passivhaus)

No Mould In A Passive House

In Cyprus the humidity of the air is often high. This contributes to the formation of mould inside the houses.

High humidity combined with poor ventilation and the lack of proper thermal insulation creates perfect moist environment for growth of mould and bacteria.

Thermal insulation of the buildings in Cyprus has never been a requirement before 2010. During the winter time the difference between the temperature of the air inside the house and the temperature of the internal surface of the external non insulated wall can become so big that water condensation can be observed.

Water condensation and mould destroy the surface of construction materials and if left untreated threaten to compromise the overall structural integrity of the house. Moisture and mould on and inside construction materials also generate unpleasant odors. All this drastically lowers the living quality of the building.

Thanks to perfect thermal insulation and constant ventilation there are no moisture or mould problems in a Passive House built in Cyprus.

Using precise calculations for thermal conductivity of the building materials, the Passive House (Passivhaus) standard achieves perfect air comfort and provides healthy environment for the inhabitants.