Thanks to a ventilation system the air is always fresh and there is no dust coming in the Passive House (Passivhaus) from outside.

Passive House Has No Dust

In Cyprus the sand dust in the atmosphere is a frequent phenomenon. It enters the buildings through the open windows and doors and settles on all surfaces inside, creating an atmosphere of low hygiene. If the humidity of the air is high the sand dust can condensate and get stuck to the surface it sits upon, causing damages.

Living in a Passive House  (Passivhaus) in Cyprus you don’t need to keep open any windows. Thanks to a carefully designed ventilation system with high quality filters no dust is coming in the Passive House from outside. The ventilation system is designed to supply constant flow of fresh air from outside, while extracting the processed air.

Through a process of heat exchange the ventilation system also keeps the temperature inside the Passive House always stable and comfortable.

The system is designed with the shortest possible routes and runs constantly, exchanging the air in the house 0,6 times every hour. This is enough to keep the air inside always fresh, without having any uncomfortable draughts. The electricity needed to run a ventilation system inside the Passive House does not exceed 0.45 Watts per cubic meter per hour.

The system supplies air to every room, and works extremely quietly. The noise inside the installation room does not exceed 35 dB. The sound level in the occupied rooms does not exceed 25 dB. Just for comparison – breathing noise is measured at 25 dB.