Sustainable Masdar City in Abu Dhabi to have the capital's first #NetZero office building thenationalnews.com/business/…

  • Green Eco Houses in Tochni Larnaca

    The client represents an investment fund focused on healthy ecological and green solutions for housing. The Cyprus Eco-home is a prefabricated house that can be easily adapted to the needs and tastes of each buyer. The number of bedrooms and bathrooms can be changed, as well as the size of each room. The looks of …

  • Memorial Complex

    Monumental space at the Naval Base “Evangelos Florakis” in Mari, Cyprus. Designed by the architects of Nicolaides Viana Partnership, the artist Angel Mihailov together with the civil engineer Antonis Yapanis. You can see our posters for the competition here: 1, 2, 3, 4.

  • Land Use

    Housing property development in Kato Polemidhia, under study for planning permission.

  • Urban Planning

    We make urban planning such as this commercial and residential property development in Zygi, by Garpozis Developments and Constructions Ltd.