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Sharp visionary design for a clinic in Paphos

Impressive architecture for a clinic in Paphos

The owner wanted dazzling iconic looks and impressive architecture for an unforgettable creation. The design we delivered is sharp, proud and visionary, like the owner. With such striking modern concept the building can situate itself among the best architecture projects in Cyprus. The clinic is majestically floating from one side and at the same time gloriously sitting from the other. The staggering sharp edges and imposing lines give home to a medical facility designed according to the most advanced requirements and the specific demands of the client.…

Indoor health & productivity and Passive House

Indoor Health and Productivity

  We spend 90% of our lives indoors Yes, people spend 90% of their lives indoors, which means their health and productivity depend largely on the conditions provided in that closed space. Naturally, the healthier the environment, the more productive people become, because they can focus all their energy on their tasks. The most important factors that influence people’s health are noise, temperature and air quality.   Noise Noise can be directly managed indoors but noise coming from outside is usually beyond our control. The sounds of traffic, maintenance and construction works, nearby gathering places where people meet to talk…