Green Eco Houses in Tochni Larnaca

The client represents an investment fund focused on healthy ecological and green solutions for housing. The Cyprus Eco-home is a prefabricated house that can be easily adapted to the needs and tastes of each buyer.

The number of bedrooms and bathrooms can be changed, as well as the size of each room. The looks of the house from outside and from the inside can be customized with various shapes, finishing materials and colors.

Innovations for Self-sustainable Houses

The ecological houses in the closed complex are organized in such way as to have more land for green area around each prefabricated house and less area for roads. The complex has its own green park with facilities for fitness, exercise and playground for the children. This adds to the healthy green and self-sustainable concept of the project.

The client is focused on using the ultimate innovations of technology for designing and building these Cyprus green homes.

The self-sustainable houses are equipped with photo-voltaic panels producing electricity and can be independent from the electrical grid. They can produce as much electricity as they use and that makes them Net-Zero energy houses.

Prefabricated ecological houses in Tochni, Larnaca, Cyprus

Prefabricated ecological houses in Tochni, Larnaca, Cyprus

Improved Prefabricated Homes

These Cyprus prefabricated homes use metal structure for faster assembly and perfect structural stability. The walls are fire resistant thermally insulated panels. The external walls provide perfect air tightness and water resistance. The prefabricated panels also provide very good
sound proofing for best comfort inside the house.

Special finishing materials of the Cyprus prefabricated homes make the interior of the house protected against mold, microbes and bacteria.

The heating, ventilation and air conditioning system is one of the world’s best performing. It constantly replaces the air inside the house with filtered fresh air. This assures health and well-being for the family.

Green healthy housing in Tochni, Larnaca, Cyprus

Green healthy housing in Tochni, Larnaca, Cyprus

Green, Ecological and Healthy

The concept offers selected scientifically tested plants to additionally improve the quality of life and the properties of the air inside the green homes.

The water used in the Cyprus Eco-homes is filtered, monitored and enriched with essential minerals. Additionally the used water is cleaned and recycled for watering the gardens and to keep the area green all the time.

The art of healthy living is combining the new innovative technologies and our best architecture and design knowledge to improve the level and quality of life.