Sharp visionary design for a clinic in Paphos

Impressive architecture for a clinic in Paphos

The owner wanted dazzling iconic looks and impressive architecture for an unforgettable creation. The design we delivered is sharp, proud and visionary, like the owner. With such striking modern concept the building can situate itself among the best architecture projects in Cyprus. The clinic is majestically floating from one side and at the same time …

Doctor’s offices

Agios Nektarios Pentapoleos, a building mostly used for doctor’s offices, since it is situated right across the main entrance of “Ygia” Polyclinic Private Hospital in Limassol, Cyprus. We designed this project for ZTS Holdings, a member of Lophitis Group.

Roberta Court by G. Georgiou & Sons in Limassol, Cyprus.

Compact Blocks

Ground floor apartments have gardens, first floor apartments have roof gardens. The architecture of the compact apartment buildings we design offers the luxuries of a house at a lower price. Roberta Court by G. Georgiou & Sons in Limassol, Cyprus.